Watch: COVID-19 & Drive-Thru Confessions


Watch: COVID-19 & Drive-Thru Confessions

Faced with COVID-19 restrictions, the parish of St. Patrick in Brighton has decided to get creative in offering the Sacrament of Penance: Drive-Thru Confessions.

“We do everything we can to bring the sacraments to the people in a way that is safe but in a way that enables people to know God’s mercy,” said Parish Pastor, Father Mathias Thelen, April 4.

“There is a profound gift in this; to be able to dispense God’s mercy wherever I am and wherever people are.”

For over four hours on Saturday, April 4, vehicles streamed through the parish parking lot at St. Patrick’s where both Father Thelen and Parochial Vicar, Father Joe Campbell, were hearing Confessions. The clerics sat in their own cars or were stood behind a full-length screen. Social distancing and hygiene norms were observed throughout.

For their part, the penitents stayed in their car or, if they were vehicle with other family members, they stood outside at distance and behind a screen from the priest. For more information go to:

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