Read: Mitchell Helps People See God's Creation


Read: Mitchell Helps People See God’s Creation

Meet Dr. Mitchell Dobrzelewski. In this month’s FAITH magazine, Dr. Dobrzelewski explains why he treats patients of Care Free Medical Services in Lansing.

“Caring for the needs of others – tending to their corporal needs – is part of that culture of life. I happen to be in eye care, so it fit for me to serve in that way. And in that serving, I have been led to encounter the face of Christ,” says Dr. Dobrzelewski to FAITH’s Nancy Rosebush Schertzing.

“Christians are called in different ways. Optometry is mine. Through Care Free Medical, I have been led to unexpected encounters with the Spirit and have seen the face of Christ in patients and so many wonderful people from many different backgrounds. Care Free Medical is a true labor of love in our community and in my life.”

FAITH Magazine is the official publication of the Diocese of Lansing. To read Mitchell’s story in full, click here 

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