Watch: Synod in a Minute | Episode Five | Bishop Earl Boyea


Watch: Synod in a Minute | Episode Five | Bishop Earl Boyea

In March, 2020. Pope Francis announced his intention to convene a Synod of Bishops in Rome to discuss the issue of “synodality”. This Synod on Synodality will take place in October 2023.

In preparation for the Synod, the Diocese of Lansing is encouraging clergy and lay faithful to have discussions with both lapsed Catholics and those who are not Catholic in order to help us better attune our apostolic efforts in proposing Jesus Christ and His Holy Church to contemporary society. You have until the end of this week to submit your feedback.

In this short video, Bishop Earl Boyea thanks all those who have participated in the process so far. He also gives an overview as to the usefulness of these discussions.

“The purpose of that journey? To bring people closer to Jesus Christ and His Holy Church where, as we know, every human heart finds its deepest peace, greatest meaning and ultimate joy,” says Bishop Boyea.

“Just think of Christ on the road to Emmaus. We too have to accompany our contemporaries towards an encounter with the Risen Lord.”

Do you want to have a Synodal Conversation with friend or family? Here’s a link to the Conversation Guide along with other resources:

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