Watch: On the Path to the Priesthood | Riley O'Shea


Watch: On the Path to the Priesthood | Riley O’Shea

Back where it all began! Diocese of Lansing seminarian Riley O’Shea says the story of his path to the priesthood began in the chapel of Bethany House at Saint Francis Retreat Center in DeWitt during his first year as a student at Michigan State University. In this video, Riley returns to Bethany House to explain what happened next.

“After that retreat is when I began asking, ‘Lord, what is your will for my life? Because I know that only you will satisfy me and will make me happy in life’,” recalls 29-year-old Riley who hails from the parish of Saint Michael in Grand Ledge and is now a student at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit.

“And over time, as His will unfolded in my life, I discovered that it was the seminary and, God willing, the priesthood, and I’m so very happy to be on the path that the Lord has set up before me – and thankful for returning to this place in particular.”

Please keep Riley in your prayers in the months and years to come. Saint Charles Borromeo, patron of seminarians, pray for him.

• Do you also feel that Almighty God may be to the Sacred Priesthood? Contact Father John Whitlock, Director of Seminarians for the Diocese of Lansing on 517-342-2507 or at


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