Watch: On the Path to the Priesthood | Paul Keenan


Watch: On the Path to the Priesthood | Paul Keenan

It was after graduating in German from Hillsdale College three years ago that Diocese of Lansing seminarian Paul Keenan started to feel a calling to the sacred priesthood.

“But there was still a lot of fear around the idea of priesthood as it came up into my mind,” explains 25-year-old Paul who is a parishioner of Saint John the Baptist in Ypsilanti.

“But the Lord didn’t give up on me. He didn’t leave me alone. He kept on bringing me into situations where I got to experience that joy of sharing the Faith.”

“He slowly replaced some of those fears I had around giving my life to Him with a desire and, even, an excitement for this vocation. So in the last year or so, I decided I would apply and … here I am!”

“Here” is Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit where Paul is in his first Pre-Theology Year. Please do keep Paul, and all the Diocese of Lansing seminarians, in your prayers in the months and years to come. Saint Charles Borromeo, patron of seminarians, pray for him.

• Do you also feel that Almighty God may be to the Sacred Priesthood? Contact Father John Whitlock, Director of Seminarians for the Diocese of Lansing on 517-342-2507 or at

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