Watch: On the Path to Priesthood: Randy Koenigsknecht


Watch: On the Path to Priesthood: Randy Koenigsknecht

Please pray for Diocese of Lansing seminarian Randy Koenigsknecht who is currently studying for the sacred priesthood at Saint John Vianney College Seminary in Minnesota. Randy hails from the parish of Most Holy Trinity in Fowler. His older brothers, Gary and Todd, were ordained to the priesthood in 2014. Here’s Randy’s story:

“I always had a little bit of a prayer life and so I’d always asked God, ‘what do you want to do with my life?’ And one day, to my surprise, I got a response that was: ‘You should think about being a priest’ and, in the moment, I was like, I don’t want this.”

“I had all the excuses: I want to get married; I want to have a real job; just all these excuses, but then, when I was in high school, I realized that if I want to be happy that I could not keep going the way that I was going, that the Lord was calling me to the priesthood and that was where I was going to be truly happy, where my heart was at peace.”

“And, so, I made a decision that I’m going to enter seminary and here I am! And I’ve never been happier.”

Please keep Randy and all the seminarians for the Diocese of Lansing in your prayers. St. Charles Borromeo, patron of seminarians, pray for them!

• Do you also feel God is calling to the sacred priesthood? Contact Father John Whitlock, Director of Seminarians for the Diocese of Lansing on 517-342-2507 or at

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