Watch: Lawyer & Doctor | Debunking Ten Prop 3 Untruths


Watch: Lawyer & Doctor | Debunking Ten Prop 3 Untruths

He’s a lawyer. She’s a doctor. Meet Attorney, Daniel S. Hilker, and Dr. Joanne Castillo MD, a family medicine physician.

The Diocese of Lansing asked them to assess some the claims being made by the pro-abortion lobby in the current debate over the proposed “Right to Reproductive Freedom” Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Michigan which will appear on November’s ballot paper as Proposal 3. The result is the 21-minute video below. It’s really worth a watch. Here’s the top 10 falsehoods as identified and answered by Daniel and Joanne along with the timestamp you’ll find the question answered in the video:

00:00 Important Introduction: Don’t skip it!

02:18 Claim 1: The Amendment restores women’s rights under Roe. False.

04:39 Claim 2: The Amendment preserves the rights of the next generation. False.

06:27 Claim 3: The Amendment protects a woman’s right to choose. False.

07:45 Claim 4: The Amendment protects “miscarriage care.” False.

08:42 Claim 5: The Amendment allows medical treatment for an ectopic pregnancy. False.

09:54 Claim 6: The Amendment protects health care professionals from going to prison for performing vital fertility, miscarriage, and pregnancy services. False.

10:33 Claim 7: The Amendment prevents prosecution of doctors for performing abortions where the mother’s life is at risk. False.

11:34 Claim 8: This Amendment is needed to prevent “health care professionals” from going to prison for providing abortion care. Mostly False.

12:35 Claim 9: The Amendment protects women. False.

13:18 Claim 10: The Amendment protects the fundamental right of every individual, (man and woman), over their own body, as summarized in “My body, my choice!” False.

As is repeatedly stressed in this video, the full 323-word text of the Proposal 3 Amendment will not be on the ballot paper on November. Only a 95-word summary.  

Also listed in this document by the proposers of the Proposal 3 Constitutional Amendment are the “Provisions of existing constitution altered or abrogated [i.e. repealed] by the proposal if adopted.”

In total, the proposers of the Proposal 3 Constitutional Amendment identify eight out of the 12 articles of the Constitution of the State of Michigan that will have to be altered or, in part, repealed if Proposal 3 is approved by voters in November.

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