Watch: "I didn't kNOw" | Michigan Under Proposal 3


Watch: “I didn’t kNOw” | Michigan Under Proposal 3

What will life in Michigan be like if Proposal 3 is passed next month? Here’s a new film that attempts to depict just that. It’s entitled “I Didn’t Know”. It’s been created by producer/director Matthew Lohr and the members of Grace Lutheran in Coopersville, Michigan. It depicts:

* The teenage girl who has an abortion without parental consent;

* The mother who has no veto over her gender-confused 10 year old being persuaded to take powerful medicines to change his outward appearance and damage his internal biology;

* The heavily pregnant mother being told she can abort her unborn baby for reasons of “mental health” including stress and anxiety:

* Finally, the nurse in a Catholic hospital coerced into performing an abortion (although, note, Catholic hospitals in the Diocese of Lansing will never perform abortions).

This is a very worthwhile film. Please do watch and share. God bless our separated brethren for producing it. Here’s a link to more great content from Matthew:

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