Watch: Happy Saint Joseph's Day w/ Father Joe Krupp


Watch: Happy Saint Joseph’s Day w/ Father Joe Krupp

Today is the Feast of Saint Joseph. Happy Feast Day! To mark the occasion he’s a bit of a must-watch reflection upon the earthly life and heavenly legacy of Joseph, Head of the Holy Family, from (the suitably named) Father Joseph Krupp who is the pastor of (the similarly suitably named) Holy Family Parish in Grand Blanc and Saint Mark in Goodrich.

“It seems to me that when we talk about Saint Joseph, we’re talking about the one man who got picked [by Almighty God] to raise his Son and that tells us that he, Saint Joseph, was an extraordinary man,” says Father Krupp, March 19.

“This is the man who taught Jesus how to work; how to not be afraid; to be honorable; how to pray; our tradition tells us that he even showed Jesus what it was to die. What a remarkable life, a life where he simply obeyed God every time He spoke.”

“For you and me, there are so many people who want to tell us what to do. Hence, we need to ask Joseph to help us cut through all the noise and the fear and the anger in order to hear the voice of our God above all the others.”

Ite ad Joseph! Go to Joseph! Saint Joseph, pray for us!

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