Watch: A "Thank You" Parade for Our Priests


Watch: A “Thank You” Parade for Our Priests

The parishioners of St. Robert Bellarmine in Flushing are so grateful for all their priests have done for them during the COVID-19 outbreak that they organized a parade to say: “Thank you to our priests!”

“So, we just got the idea of doing a parade to honor them and thank them and tell them we appreciate them,” explained parishioner Agnes Taylor before the parade April 29.

“They’ve had to get into the tech world, we have Mass now live-streamed, that’s all new and they’ve been just wonderful.”

Agnes was joined by scores of other parishioners who drove around the streets of Flushing brandishing home-made signs, tooting car horns and rattling pots and pans to show their appreciation to their pastor, Fr. Jonathan Perrotta, and his associate, Fr. Anthony Brooks.

With gracious magnanimity, and a degree of bashfulness, the two priests duly thanked each parishioner for their public display of gratitude. For more on the parish of St. Robert Bellarmine in Flushing go to:


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