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Religious Education

Class Sessions-

Wednesday: 6:00-7:15pm/ PreK – 7th Grade

Sunday: 4:30-6:30pm/ 8th Grade & 9th Grade-Confirmation Prep

Religious Education
The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd is a religious learning environment we use here at St. Mary Parish. It was created over 60 years ago by Sophia Cavelletti, a Vatican Christian-Jewish scholar. It is steeped in tradition of liturgy and scripture, and calls children of all ages to enter into a personal relationship with God. This happens authentically through prayer and contemplative work, fostering an internal joy to those who experience this environment, including catechists and aides. Since it is Montessori based, the sessions are taught with age appropriate groups who learn and share with one another as they grow in the topics and become comfortable in the environment.

Catechists: Catechists work toward certification through the Diocese of Lansing and will also be screened and educated in the safe environment of children and vulnerable, along with the aides. They will share faith with the children in a room referred to as an atrium, which dates back to the early church where catechumens gathered in preparation to join the catholic faith community. Since the children are also preparing their hearts and minds at their age appropriate levels to become a part of the greater catholic community, this appropriate term will become very familiar to families through the children and the catechists.

Visiting the atrium environment: Parents and guardians are welcome to visit any session throughout the year and observe. While it is always an open environment, we do encourage visitors to simply observe from outside the room during the early six week preparation period, as the children learn grace and courtesy and familiarize themselves with their new learning space. Near Thanksgiving, the children will have acclimated to their surroundings and will be comfortable having visitors witness them and maybe even give their guests a tour.

RCIA for Adults and Children has begun. If there is a family member or friend you think may be interested in inquiring about our faith, now is a great time to invite them to discover the wonders of being catholic. Adult sessions will be held at Holy Rosary on Wednesday evenings from 7pm- 9pm, following 6:30 pm mass. Child sessions will be held at St. Mary during select religious education hours.