Read: Running the Good Race | Seminarians compete in half-marathon


Read: Running the Good Race | Seminarians compete in half-marathon

Congratulations to Diocese of Lansing seminarian, Deacon Seamus Kettner, who completed the Detroit Half-Marathon on Sunday, 16 October, and also to his fellow seminarians Riley O’Shea, Jack Jobst, and Brett Ivey who completed the full marathon course as part of a five-man relay.

“We all ‘ran so as to win’ like Saint Paul tells us!” explains Seamus, “I have been praying with Hebrews 6:20 after the race: ‘Jesus has entered on our behalf as a forerunner, becoming high priest forever according to the line of Melchizedek’.”

“Jesus sets the pace in our spiritual life! Sometimes, he tells us to speed up. Other times, he tells us to slow down. Let us always listen to Jesus. He is the ‘forerunner’ or the lead runner, and we simply need to follow him. But watch out! Jesus can run really fast!”

All four Diocese of Lansing men study at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit where they are part of the college’s informal running club, the Immaculata Hummerbees. In total, 10 seminarians participated in Sunday’s race:

Marathon Runners:

1. Jack Pfieffer (Diocese of Kalamazoo)

2. Dan Ramos (Companion of the Cross)

Half Marathoners:

1. Zack Mazurek (Diocese of Marquette)

2. Colin Lane (Archdiocese of Hartford)

3. Deacon Seamus Kettner (Diocese of Lansing)

Five-Man Relay Team:

1. Riley O’Shea (Diocese of Lansing)

2. Ivan (Diocese of Gary)

3. Alex Kouris (Diocese of Gary)

4. Jack Jobst (Diocese of Lansing)

5. Brett Ivey (Diocese of Lansing)


to one and all. Keep running for the line, brothers! May God bless you and Mary keep you.

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