Read: My Sisterhood Story w/ Sister Katherine Frazier


Read: My Sisterhood Story w/ Sister Katherine Frazier

Of your charity, please pray for Sister Katherine Frazier who is currently in temporary vows with the Adrian Dominican Sisters whose motherhouse is in Adrian in Lenawee County. Sister Katherine is 35-years-old and hails from Most Precious Blood Parish in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She entered the Adrian Dominicans, whose official title is the Congregation of the Most Holy Rosary, in 2016. Here’s her story:

“I first thought I might be called to Religious Life when I was in fifth grade. The class was divided up between the girls and boys so that a priest could talk to the boys about the priesthood and a sister could talk to the girls about someday becoming a sister. When I entered the classroom that day, being a sister wasn’t a possibility I had ever considered for myself. I had always had the expectation that I would get married and have a family and a successful career as an author or archaeologist. When I left school that day, I still had no intention of leaving behind all my plans to become a sister, but the idea kept coming back to me in the years that followed.”

“Between that day in fifth grade and when I became a candidate for the Adrian Dominican Sisters, I went to high school, college and graduate school. After graduation, I had a few short-term jobs before beginning a year as a full-time volunteer, and finally working full time as a college campus minister. For much of that time, I was unsure about what to do about the call I felt to religious life, but I knew that I was growing closer to God, developing a love of serving the People of God and coming to a deeper knowledge of who I was in relationship to God with each of those experiences. When I began discerning with the Adrian Dominican Sisters, I recognized that my life experience was a gift that God gave me. I would not be the person I am today without those life experiences. There were many years when I was unsure about what to do about the call that I first felt back in fifth grade, but I have come to realize that I entered at the perfect time, because when God let me know that the time was ready, then I was ready to say yes as well.”

* Do you feel that God may be calling you to Consecrated Life? Contact Dawn Hausmann, Director of Consecrated Vocations for the Diocese of Lansing, at or 517-342-2506.

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