Pray: Novena for Diaconate Ordinands


Pray: Novena for Diaconate Ordinands

Starting today, you are invited to participate in nine days of prayer, a novena, for the young men from across the Diocese of Lansing who will be ordained to the diaconate on Saturday, May 15, as they take the next significant step towards the sacred priesthood, Deo volente. They are:

• Tyler Arens;

• Todd Dahlberg;

• Mark Danaho;

• Richard Freedberg;

• David Hammer;

• Peter Ludwig;

• Chester Pesmark.

Beginning today, May 6, and concluding on Friday, May 14, you are asked to pray an Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be, each day for the following intentions:

Day 1: In thanksgiving for our Baptism and sharing in the mission of Christ;

Day 2: For the grace to discern how God is calling us to know, love and serve Him;

Day 3: For the grace to accept our calling generously;

Day 4: For those currently living a generous single life for the Lord;

Day 5: For the protection of our vocations from every diabolical attack;

Day 6: For the gift of holy marriages and families, the well-spring of vocations;

Day 7: For an abundance of ordained clergy to bring us the sacraments. Day 8: For the gift of religious sisters and brothers to serve the Church;

Day 9: For all in consecrated life (including third orders) who pray for us.

Saint Stephen the Deacon, pray for them!

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