Podcast: Father Mathias Thelen & Realign Resources for Mission: The Next Steps


Podcast: Father Mathias Thelen & Realign Resources for Mission: The Next Steps

Over the past two months over 3000 parishioners from across the Diocese of Lansing have part in nearly 70 parish meetings in order to help shape the Realign Resources for Mission process which was launched by Bishop Earl Boyea in 2019.

The purpose of the process is to advise Bishop Boyea on how the diocese can best realign its present resources to better form communities of missionary disciples who go and announce the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The 14-member Realign Resources for Mission steering is chaired by Father Mathias Thelen, Pastor of Saint Patrick Parish in Brighton.

In this podcast, Father Mathias given his reaction to the parish meeting; what, he believes, has been gained from them; and what are the main hopes and fears parishioners express in their verbal and written feedback.

He also explains how that feedback will now be used; the next steps for the process; and discusses the four principles that were put before each parish meeting, each outlining the hallmarks of what a healthy parish in the Diocese of Lansing should look like in the future. They are:

* A healthy parish in the Diocese of Lansing:

1. Is led by priests who are striving for health and holiness;

2. Equips and empowers parish staff;

3. Makes and forms missionary disciples;

4. Seeks the lost and serves the poor.

This podcast was recorded on Friday, January 15. It is hosted by the Diocese of Lansing’s Director of Communications, David Kerr. Diocese of Lansing Podcast #21

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