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The Catholic Church


If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic Church, you may want to visit the site for some helpful information.

We know that the first call to the parish, if you have been away for awhile, or are new, can feel scary, but as it says in the bible, “Do not be afraid! (Gospel of Luke, Chapter 1, Verse 30)  God is always calling us and your call to the Church is a beautiful response to that call!

We are always happy to talk about Jesus and answer any questions about the Church, so feel free to contact our Pastor, Fr. Tom Nenneau or Janet Cassidy, Pastoral Associate if you would like to learn about the Church and/or the process of initiation.  Either may be reached at (810) 686-3920.  Fr. Tom is extension 10 and Janet is extension 11.

Of course, if you come to Mass, stop by and say hi, and introduce yourself!