Jesus Christ takes to the streets of Grand Blanc


Jesus Christ takes to the streets of Grand Blanc

With his parishioners temporarily unable to attend Sunday Mass due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Father Joe Krupp decided, instead, to take Jesus Christ to the people of Grand Blanc, Sunday March 22.

“Jesus carries us, we are going to carry him today,” said Fr. Krupp, Pastor of Holy Family, Grand Blanc, before setting off on a 90-minute Eucharistic Procession.

“I want you to know I will be carrying all you in my hearts. Especially all our medical professionals, all those working in hospitals, you are not alone.”

“To all our senior citizens, people in hospital, who are kind of trapped in their rooms and alone – you are not alone. We love you. We are thinking of you and God sees you.”

While Fr. Krupp carried Our Lord in the monstrance around one neighborhood in Grand Blanc, Fr. Peter Lawrence, Parochial Vicar, made his way around another.

Throughout the processions, local residents emerged from their homes to venerate the Sacred Host, often on their knees, and to receive the Lord’s blessing.

The parish of Holy Family in Grand Blanc intend to continue with Eucharistic Processions each Sunday while public Masses remain suspended throughout the Diocese of Lansing. For more details go to:

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