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In 1999 Pope John Paul II wrote that “knowledge and use of the media, whether the more traditional forms or those which technology has produced in recent times, is indispensable.” (Ecclesia in America, ¶ 72)

Responding to his call to use media “correctly and competently” in order for it to lead to the penetration of the Gospel in our culture, we are happy to be able to offer the MyParishAp for those who are interested in electronically engaging in the life of the parish on a daily basis.

Our St. Mary App is now available to download for iPhone and Android smart phones.  This will allow you to stay connected with our parish throughout the week with instant notifications, an easy-to-access event calendar, and the ability to quickly reply to, or share, messages via Facebook.

Also enjoy tons of additional features like prayers, daily readings and even helpful reminders to silence your phone before Mass of Confession!  There is much, much more!

To download the app, go to or search your phone’s App store for myparish.


  • What features are in myParish?
  • Messages – Favorite, share or reply to messages from your parish.
  • Calendar – View or share time and location of upcoming parish events and RSVP when relevant or add to your phone’s calendar. Also, get quick directions and guidance from to the event.
  • Readings – Daily Mass readings provided by the USCCB from the NAB(re) version of the bible.
  • Homilies – Listen to or read weekly homilies provided by your parish. (if applicable)
  • News – The latest Catholic news from around the world, provided by the Catholic News Agency.
  • Tithe – Easily access your parish’s online giving. (if applicable)
  • Confession – Next Confession reminder, available Confession times, how-to guide, examination of conscience, and act of contrition.
  • Parish Info – All the important and helpful contacts at your parish are only a tap away with a directory of parish and/or school staff.
  • Mass Times – All Mass times for the week with MassMode™ time or location reminders to silence your phone before Mass.
  • Prayers – Full list of traditional Catholic prayers with the ability to set reminders for any of them or your own daily prayer time. Also submit prayer requests to your parish.
  • Bulletins – View this week’s and past bulletins from your parish.


o    How do I remove a book marked reading?

When viewing the “Readings” page, tap at the top to view your bookmarked readings.
Then simply swipe to the left on the bookmarked reading that you would like to remove.  Tap the “delete” button that appears.

o    How do I delete a message?

You can choose to remove messages that don’t apply to you.
When viewing your messages, simply swipe to the left on the message that you would like to remove.  Tap the “delete” button that appears.

o    How do I share information with friends and family?

Sharing news and events from your Parish app is a great way to help strengthen your Catholic community.
Items that can be shared will have an arrow icon pointing to the right (three connected notes on Android). Tap the icon to bring up your share options.

Message: Tap “Message” to share via a Text Message.

Mail: Tap “Mail” to share via an email.

Twitter: This option will be visible if you are using Twitter on your phone.

Facebook: This option will be visible if you are using Facebook on your phone.

o    How do I reply to a message from my parish?

When viewing a message, you will see a small message icon with an arrow pointing to the left.
Tap that icon to bring up a small contact form. Complete the form and hit Send. Your message will be sent directly to the parish.

o    How do I save a message?

You can keep a message for easy reference by clicking the star icon located in the upper right of the message.

When you “favorite” a message, the star will turn yellow and move that message to the top of the message window. It will remain at the top until you tap the star again to “un-favorite” it.

o    How do I change my last or next confession date?

Tap at the top of the “Confession” page where it reads, “MY LAST CONFESSION WAS.”

This will display two areas where you can set the date of your last confession and the time until your next confession.

Adjust the dates as you need and click “Save.”

TIP: When viewing the Confession schedule, select the confession time you would like to attend to receive a MassMode™ reminder.

o    Where do I find Mass times for my Parish?

There are two ways to quickly locate Mass times.

1.) Tap at the top of the home screen where it displays the “NEXT MASS TIME”

2.) Tap the “Mass Times” button on the home screen.

TIP: When viewing the Mass times, select the Mass time you frequently attend to receive a MassMode™ reminder.

o    How do I RSVP to an Event?

Your parish has the option of enabling an RSVP feature when they post a new event.  If they have enabled this option for an event, you will see a small calendar-RSVP button on the top of the event.

Tap that icon and complete the small form that appears.

After you RSVP,  the icon will now appear as a calendar with a check mark to show that you have already  RSVP’d to the event.

o    How do I add an event to my Calendar?

When viewing an event you will see a plus sign in the top, right corner of the message.
Simply tap that plus sign and the event will be added to the calendar on your phone.

o    How do I get directions to an event?

When viewing the calendar, tap the event to display all event information.

Your parish has the option of adding a location when they post a new event.  If they have added this option for an event, you will see a small circle with an arrow at the bottom, right of the event details.

Tap that icon to view the location and use the GPS on your phone to guide you.

o    How do I return to the Home screen?

When viewing any part of the app, simple tap the 4 squares icon in the upper right to return to the home screen.

o    How do I view my parish bulletin?

If your parish has the bulletins available in the app, you will see a “Bulletins” button on the home screen.