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The New Evangelization


What is the New Evangelization?  It is an outpouring of grace in the Holy Spirit!

Evangelization is the proclamation, or announcement of the Gospel, to those who have not heard of Jesus, or to those who have faith, but are in need of greater understanding or growth in their spiritual life, after having become distant from the Church.

Click here for a great video on “Influencing the World.”

Evangelization is also important for those who remain close to Jesus, but desire to deepen their relationship with him as they encounter him in the sacraments of the Church, or in sacred scripture.

What is new today is the way in which the Gospel must be proclaimed to the present generation.  There have been special challenges in every generation, in every culture, that have made it difficult for the Gospel to be heard, and today is no different.

So as we move forward, a reading of the “signs of the times” is very important.  Lay people, who work “in the world” have a particular call to evangelize and a special opportunity to make observations about the world around them.  However, they, too, need to be evangelized, in order to mature in their faith through prayer and study.

The next step in evangelization, will be learning how to evangelize in ways that will attract others to the faith.  One way is by getting involved in a small group, exploring privately where God has touched your life, and learning how to become a witness by sharing with others your “reason for hope.”

Often we think of someone who evangelizes as someone who is extroverted or very knowledgeable.  But, becoming a witness does not mean a person must necessarily be either of those things.  Someone who is introverted and continuing to grow in their knowledge of the faith can still be a wonderful witness!

Do you love God?


How is your life different today because you have faith?

Reflect on these questions and consider how you would respond, if asked.

Practice your answers on a friend and before you know it, you will be an evangelizer!